ARTeria projects

Master The Act

About An international project which aims to work on the methodology of using theatrical activities and digital skills in the development of competences supporting the ability to get hired within “long life learning”.Links Project website: www.mastertheact.euProject...

VX Designers

About An international project which aims to work on creating a methodology allowing to use the idea of an exhibition as a pedagogical tool, providing a basis to create own virtual exhibitions in the educational process for teachers and students, with partners from 6...

CUED Speech Europa

AboutAn international project which aims to work on the broad usage and promotion of French, Polish and Italian adaptations of cued speech in education, with partners from 3 countries of the European Union (2 partners each from Poland, Italy and Belgium).Links Project...

ARTeria programs


About The ARTeria Foundation has been conducting a mentoring programme for artists and creators since 2015. Its aim is to support them in their professional development through gaining practical knowledge about the labour market of the cultural and creative sectors,...

ARTeria’s program: IQ INSTITUTE

About A series of meetings inaugurated in October 2013, taking place every two months until the beginning of 2020. During the meetings – in the forms of a discussion club, workshops and trainings – its participants focused primarily on topics associated with...

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