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The ARTeria Foundation was founded in 2006, as a non-profit organisation. It pursues various projects and programmes, primarily associated with supporting artists and representatives of creative fields, developing the cultural and creative sectors in the broad sense, as well as local communities, through various actions and projects based on three ideas: culture without borders, innovative education and multidimensional cooperation.


Our goal is to promote, popularise and develop culture and art in the spirit of openness, respecting cultural differences and intercultural dialogue, creating a forum for fascinating people – a clash of views and the search for mutual qualities.

ARTeria is a dialogue about the modern world – creating and promoting new trends and phenomena, an openness to various methods of expression and promoting active participation in culture. We believe that culture is one of the most important elements in our lives, which is why we engage in actions promoting and supporting art – including the Cultural Deal for Europe (among others).

We invite you to join our initiatives, to invest in yourself, participate in social life, discover your inner sensitivity or sense of enterprise, develop social skills and stimulate your creativity and curiosity about the world.


Our goal is, primarily, multidimensional, modern education – searching for and testing innovations in both artistic education and general education, through the usage of culture and art. The economic aspect of the lives of artists and creatives is an important element. For this reason one focus of our work, in answer to the needs of current labour market, is the support of shaping essential entrepreneurial skills. These are associated with marketing, financing possibilities, basic knowledge about copyright and internationalisation of artistic activity.

ARTeria is also a search for answers to the social problems of the modern world. We believe in lifelong learning, non-formal and informal education. Gender equality and gender issues also hold an important place in our activity, together with issues that bring together culture and ecology – including the New European Bauhaus (among others).

We invite teachers, educators, mentors and artists to cooperate with us – all those people, whose passion is sharing knowledge.


We achieve our aims through cooperation and sharing experiences. We work in numerous local, regional, and primarily international partnerships and actions. We initiate and participate in various projects and endeavours. We organise debates, workshops, training and cultural events.

ARTeria is a member of Culture Action Europe, an international network, which functions as an advisory body representing the cultural sector on a European level, actively participating in co-developing cultural policy of the European Union. It is also a member of ENCATC, an international network connecting organisations and institutions specialising in cultural management and cultural policies education.

One of our most important activities is engaging in co-developing cultural policies at the European level, in the cultural and creative sectors. We undertake research, initiate and take part in discussions about possible solutions. We invite you to get involved in these activities!

Other important values for ARTeria are promoting human rights, civil freedoms and actions supporting the development of democracy.

ARTeria is a member of Culture Action Europe – the major European network of cultural networks, organisations, artists, activists, academics and policymakers. It is also a member of ENCATC – the European network on cultural management and policy.

Anna Ochmann

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, painter, designer, winner of  a scholarship from the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship for culture. Chairwoman of ARTeria Foundation since 2006, expert in cultural policy, the cultural and creative sectors. She designs, tests and implements projects focused on supporting the cultural and creative sectors, professional development of artists and creators, and innovations in artistic education. She is the author and co-author of numerous scientific publications. She takes part in international partnership activities, networks (including CAE and ENCATC) and expert groups (i.e. the Voice of Culture). She is a member of Disorderly Women – a coalition of female leaders of the cultural sector in Europe. She was a member of the Council of Cultural Organisations of the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

She likes the smell of oil paint applied to a rough canvas with thick brushstrokes, the alleys of Kraków, morning yoga and creating unusual flavours in vegan cuisine.

Wenancjusz Ochmann

A musician by passion and training. A music teacher, composer, pianist and vocal trainer.

By passion and by profession – mentor, researcher, trainer.

He is fascinated by the idea of long life learning and the implementation of innovative educational methods for adults, especially in informal and non-formal learning contexts as well as in digital environments.

He is the creator of mentoring methods for artists and creative professionals that support them in their personal and professional lives in the world of globalisation, digitalisation and postmodernity.

He is currently working on and implementing transnational educational and cultural projects, mainly financed by EU funds.

A mature male – feminist, vegetarian and environmentalist. In a permanent, happy relationship with a woman. Fascinated by cultural diversity, yet proud and happy to come from and live in Central Europe, whose cultural and civilizational heritage is his inspiration.

Sensitive to the needs of people, animals and the entire planet in the time of crisis.

Darek Bieniek

A person who hates boredom. Graphic design, photography, coding, electronics, retro computers, good books and music, but in fact, only one word describes him best: modern technology. Balancing between his beloved family and friends, work and his interests, he tries to maintain a mental balance through travelling, skiing and mushroom picking.

Ewa Grynicka

A graduate of Polish Philology at the University of Silesia and Postgraduate Qualification Studies in Teaching Polish Culture and Language as a Foreign Language. She is passionate about teaching, or rather eliciting knowledge and skills from both adults and children. She has experience in conducting classes in primary school, secondary school and university, both with foreigners and Poles. In her work, she uses the experience gained, among others, in the MERITUM School of Trainers in Katowice, the PASE Academy of Methodology in Warsaw, the Mediation Centre of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Silesian University in Katowice.

She was awarded the Top Woman in Education Business statuette in the Woman in the World Awards plebiscite for Polish women entrepreneurs, presented to her in London by the Woman in the World magazine. She received the third prize of the Mayor of the City of Gliwice for the best concept of an educational project in 2008 for the work entitled Self-presentation, communication and public speaking and won several school headmaster awards over the years.

She loves travelling and observing the culture of the visited country and the customs of its residents. She is keen on books, photography, inspiring words she has heard or read, and loves lazily sipping coffee to the tunes of Mylene Farmer and Maitre Gims.

Oliwia Mańka

Passionate about foreign languages, reading, handicraft, cooking and baking. English Philology with Arabic student at the University of Silesia. She’s responsible for translations and developing international project at ARTeria. In her free time, she watches Tottenham Hotspur games, plays with her rabbit or considers studying another language.

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