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CULTURE HUB is a point of contact of art and business. We invite the representatives of organisations and institutions functioning in the cultural and creative sector, as well as artists and people associated with artistic and cultural education in the broad sense, and people representing other fields – business, industry or science, to take part in matchmaking events, workshops, conferences and cooperation. We have been developing the idea of CULTURE HUB since 2014, also through the

  • Mentor programme
  • Board Bank

programmes. CULTURE HUB is networking. It is an integration of the environments of culture and business associated with the ideas of diversity and searching for practical and effective solutions in the field of the cultural and creative sectors development. It is the bestowing of the abundant and multidimensional character of the cooperation of artists with scientists and business representatives. It is an openness, creating new virtues and ideas. It is a search through discussion and cooperation, an answer to the questions: How can we work together to empower our voice? How can we coordinate mutual activities? In which way and on which platforms can we cooperate? What actions can lead to the development of our community?

CULTURE HUB is an interfusion of worlds.

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