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ARTeria’s program: IQ INSTITUTE


A series of meetings inaugurated in October 2013, taking place every two months until the beginning of 2020. During the meetings – in the forms of a discussion club, workshops and trainings – its participants focused primarily on topics associated with innovative education, which addresses the challenges of the modern world and endeavours the development of actions and attitudes vital to understand the multicultural world, developing civic awareness, communise human rights and actions that help the development of democracy.

IQ INSTITUTE is an interaction.

Generation Y

About the medium and informational competences

About urban culture

A piano for each child

10 classical music pieces you need to know

Education of a ‘digital autochthon’

Learning for the future

Music – Love – Brain

An artist comes back to school

Make yourself an instrument… out of trash!

About music and verbal memory

A little about the influence of making music on the cerebral cortex

Always about singing… solo, in a group and even in a choir

Minute of Listening every day

Who is an arts teacher

Music and the brain, new research, but not only

10 masterpieces that tell the story of modern art

How to design creative workshops for people threatened with exclusion

About the non-governmental sector in Poland

About the creative usage of the Internet at school (and extracurricular activities)

What is cultural heritage, about the European Year of Cultural Heritage

How to teach mathematics through music

How to teach music

Anyone can sing

About working in cultural industries and the conditioning of selection and the labour position of artists

About exceptional research. Where do creative people look for inspiration, where do their best ideas arise and much more…

A little about the ‘Bridging the Gap’ projects

To sell or not to sell art?

About climate change and the role of greenery in urban spaces

About cultural heritage in the context of local development

The monitor of cities of culture and creativity

About the advantages of being a female artist…

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