The ARTeria Foundation has been conducting a mentoring programme for artists and creators since 2015. Its aim is to support them in their professional development through gaining practical knowledge about the labour market of the cultural and creative sectors, as well as to aid them in shaping their soft skills (associated with, among others, communication, auto presentation, networking etc). The programme is an answer to a diagnosed problem – the barrier of ‘entering the artistic circulation’ (including institutional, international, festival circulations), caused by, among others, unadjusted programmes of artistic universities to the labour market’s situation, insufficient intergenerational cooperation between the creators, animators, curators, as well as the lack of knowledge about the possibilities of cooperation, gaining funds, the access to resources aiding creativity etc. The mentoring process is based upon the professional and personal experience of the mentors, and (I) the expertise in the cultural and creative sectors, (II) establishing connections with key stakeholders, and the ability to create effective partner relations, (III) gaining effective skills by the young creators supporting the process.

The programme includes the following concepts: inner motivation, self-discipline and the ability to plan, coordinate and organise work effectively, financial skills and the ability to create a business plan for one’s own business activity, the ability to place new products and ideas on the market and sell them, as well as public speaking and creating a portfolio.

The enrollment takes place annually on the basis of submissions.

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