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ARTeria’s program: ARTerioinspiracje


A series of meetings – through a discussion club, workshops and training – taking place every month from April 2010 until the beginning of 2020. They were characterised by openness and dedicated to topics associated with the statute aims of the Foundation, primarily the matters of culture, art, artistic and cultural education, the development of both the creative and cultural sectors in the spirit of openness, respecting cultural differences and intercultural dialogue.

ARTerioinspiracje is a stream of ideas and activities.

Supporting involvement in culture in modern European countries


The international acquis communautaire protecting the goods of culture during war conflicts

CREATIVE CITY – culture centers operating in post-industrial spaces

European cultural politics

Programme for Europe. The civil society’s proposals

Polish presidency in the Council of Europe

Lobbying in the European Union

Strategy Europe 2020

European urban policy

Clusters in creative industries?

Creative industries and the industry of culture in European Union’s politics

‘’Act for culture’’ – a workshop meeting


Forms of supporting the cultural sector in European countries

Selected possibilities of financing culture with structural funds

The implementation of goals of the European Agenda for Culture

The TOP 10 reasons to support the arts…

Active integration of young people

About the passion of creating

City – the premises of National Urban Policy and the Charter of Inhabitants’ Rights

The mobility of art and artists in European

Culture in the Union’s politics. The legislative procedure and budget negotiations for 2014-2020

Copyright and free licenses

About media and media competences

Preservation of value of urban-architectural facilities and industrial districts

Restructuring of post industrial facilities – how do others do it?

NGO and the local government – grounds of cooperation

Culture and hyper indigenousness

Culture in education, education in culture

About cooperation

About the cultural policy of cities

About service design

About participation in culture

European Cultural Forum and a few words about Creative Europe

About participatory democracy 

Europe is a cultural peace project, not just a form of a government!

Culture creators

About cultural policies in the context of elections…


Is going to the opera still worth it and what is audience development

Sustainable development – where is culture?

About brain development through musical education

Everyday culture, not just once in a blue moon

No more economic impact studies…

Independent cooperatives and civil media 

What do we need art for and what do we read books for?

Why don’t classical musicians improvise more often?

Creating growth. Measuring cultural and creative markets in the EU

Music and arts in Polish schools?

Musical education through Koday’s method

A little about Dalcroze method

Percussive instruments made out of anything

Does an innovative economy need artistic education?

The more music classes, the better the quality of schooling

About the effects of piano classes

About the trajectory of artistic success

Does artistic education develop creativity?

About the creative labour market in the European Union and Great Britain

About audience development

Liszt – the first musical superstar

Quo vadis, post college artist?

About non-governmental margins of art

About entrepreneurial characteristics of artists

About the methods of developing entrepreneurial characteristics of artists

About how can artists contribute to the business world

Culture: Urban Future. Global Report on Culture for Sustainable Urban Development

About QULTURAL RESORT and private cultural centres

Polis and the people: Looking into the future of urban cultural policies

How culture and creativity change the face of a city – ‘’The monitor of cities of culture and creativity’’

Artistic interventions in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises in the context of good European practices

Do young people want to self-govern?

A bit of a summary – about the European Culture Forum

About the international music market

About creativity, copying and…enterprise

European Year of Cultural Heritage

About the economic aspects of culture (April 6th 2018)

How to implement new technologies into cultural, societal and educational projects wisely?

About the position of artists

How to engage children in art

A little about cultural policies, and a little about participating in culture

How to engage children in music this time

Why does playing instruments develop the brain and character…

Does my child have talent?

A little about the idea of the Global FemART projects

A little about the idea of ‘work-based learning’ in the cultural and creative sectors

How to build the city of music?

About the Bilbao effect, or perhaps the ‘cargo cult’… about cultural institutions in Poland

Does urban revitalisation need to be connected with gentrification…

About listening to music

About intangible heritage

About disabled people working in the cultural sector

About the freedom of speech in art 

About the audience development again

How to develop the musical ecosystem in our cities?

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