A series of meetings taking place in the form of intergenerational mentoring, which were taking place every 2 months from September 2013 until the beginning of 2020. Their goal was to develop awareness about cultural heritage – substantial and intangible. Awareness and knowledge about heritage – the local one and the one in a broad sense – European, which has an integrative function and leads to forming identities and social ties.

CULTURAL JOURNEYS is a bridge connecting worlds, generations and people.

Georgian Supra


The Netherlands

The joys of life and idealism – Van Gogh’s SUNFLOWERS

Flemish Venice or medieval Disneyland?

On the Imperial paths…

In Aphrodite’s country

In the search for the sun – Roman ‘’dolce far niente’’

On Berlin Kreuzberg

We invite you to Cividale del Friuli

Emilia-Romagna pearl

In Prague

Dante Alighieri and Florence

Visiting Wrocław on the trail of Eberhard Mock

A virtual journey through literary Lesser Poland

Moderna trail in Katowice

‘Criminal’ Kraków

Cultural journeys through Stockholm

Cultural journeys of the Industrial Monuments Route

Cultural journeys in YOKOHAMA – TRAM (Performing Arts Meeting))

A walk through Mikulczyce’s paths

We invite you to Grande Naviglia in Milan

About the Cold War and Nowa Huta’s shelters

About tradition and handicraft

A trip on the trails of European street art

About great European battles

About the magical triangle of Moravia

On a roll…

Literary, feminine trail through Kraków…

A visit to Amsterdam

From the daily home to the nocturnal home

A meeting with Immanuel Kant in Kaliningrad

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