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The meeting of Creative Agora partners in Uppsala


On May 8 and 9, 2023, the fourth meeting of Creative Agora project partners was held in Uppsala, Sweden. The meeting was attended by representatives of all the organizations forming the project consortium. Our hosts were the project leader Folkunivesitetet, based in Uppsala. The representative of the Arteria Foundation at the meeting was Wenancjusz Ochmann. During the meeting, we discussed the project’s activities to date, especially the meetings and workshops conducted within the framework of the Community of Practice, which is a community of practice for artists and art educators working with adults.

The Greek partner, Dimitra as the leader of the activity preparing the training materials, conducted a workshop to prepare the partners creating the training modules. A very interesting tool was used, the Learning Experience Canvas, which is very helpful in creating training modules. Arteria Foundation is preparing a training module on topics as important not only for artists and creatives as work-life balance, mental health and the pursuit of a sense of well-being in professional life. Croatian partner Urbani Separe is preparing a module on social impact and French partner Uni’Sons is preparing a module on the internationalization aspect of artists’ work.

During the two-day work there were also recorded, by the French partner, short video interviews with all participants of the meeting aimed at showing the cooperation of partner organizations with artists and art educators in the country.

An important element of the meeting was also the discussion of plans to prepare an international summary conference to be held in September 2023 in France during the Arabesques festival.

This will be the next, and unfortunately the last, opportunity for the Creative Agora project partners to meet live. To learn more:


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