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The final meeting of international partners of the Master the Act project in Madrid

On 1-2 March 2023, the fifth and final Master the Act project partner meeting took place. Our hosts were APEM and the meeting was held at the Centro de Empleo Carabanchel in Madrid, Spain.

During the meeting participants summarised and discussed the activities carried out in the last phase of the project. In the previous months, pilot workshops were held in all the partnership countries organised for professionals from the employment sector and the arts sector, mainly theatre. Participants gave an overview of the pilot in their countries. Attention was drawn to the differences in approach to the material presented for different professional groups. For the representatives of the employment sector, many of the theatre exercises were an absolute novelty. In contrast, representatives from the arts sector had no knowledge or experience of supporting people in the labour market and so the exercises and material involved were of most interest to them. An element common to all participants in the pilots was the request that the workshops should be a little longer in order to be able to learn more about the training material.

After discussing the pilots, the partners summarised the dissemination events that had already taken place in most countries. The high interest in the project results was emphasised.  Especially the new professional profile developed, which is the Creative Employment Mentor, aroused a lot of interest among the participants of these meetings.

On the second day of the meeting, topics related to the dissemination of the project were discussed. At the end of the meeting, representatives of all partners recorded short videos in their national languages to encourage people to visit the e-learning platform and complete the course. They are also intended to promote the project as a whole and the results developed. Before concluding the partners’ meeting, the sustainability of the project and activities after its formal conclusion were also discussed.

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