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International workshops for artists-educators in Budapest under Creative Agora project

Representatives of the ARTeria Foundation, participated in an international workshop as part of the Creative Agora project which is co-funded by program of the European Union Erasmus+. The workshop took place in Budapest, Hungary and lasted from 05.12 to 07.12 December 2022. The workshop was attended by artist-educators who represented each of the seven partner countries of the Creative Agora project. Educators from Poland, Sweden, Hungary, Spain, Croatia, Greece and France, during three intensive workshop days, presented the most important modules of the project while engaging the whole group in a variety of artistic workshops.

Module one on Internationalisation was handled by the French group Uni’Sons from France. During the presentation of this group, the participants integrated themselves into international groups, creating a musical piece together.

The module on Wellbeing was handled by a representation of the ARTeria Foundation. Julia Stachura conducted exercises to break the ice in the group. Julia then introduced the audience with a presentation on the condition of artists in post-pandemic times. In her presentation, playwright Weronika Murek addressed the mental condition of artists working in theatres. Next, Venantius Ochmann introduced the topic of stress and ways of dealing with stress in the work and everyday life of artists. At the end of module two, Venantius prepared a breathing workshop, which definitely allowed the participants to relax.

The final module of the project is Social Impact. This module was handled by the Urbani Separe group from Croatia. The group prepared a presentation for the participants introducing the issue of social impact in artistic activities. Participants were divided into groups in which they had to create a plan for artistic activities together. This exercise brought the members closer together and allowed them to share their own reflections in groups.

The workshop in Budapest ended with a substantive discussion and presentation of plans for the coming months of Creative Agora project activities.

A project managers’ meeting was also held after a short break.

We encourage you to keep an eye on our website, as further information on the Creative Agora project will be coming soon:

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