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Signing of a cooperation agreement with school no. 28 in Gliwice


March 7, 2023 in Primary School No. 28 (Witold Budryk) part of ZSP No. 14 in Gliwice, a cooperation agreement was signed by the head of the school, Danuta Iwanek, and Anna Ochmann, president of the ARTeria Foundation.

Technological, social and climate changes in the world today, both global and local, present challenges to education in the 21st century in areas related to diversity, creativity, critical thinking skills or problem solving with the use of new technologies. The cooperation of educational institutions and social partners seems particularly valuable for the development of innovative teaching models that respond to the needs of young people – models that will equip them with competences that allow them to move confidently in a world full of changes.

The key processes transforming the labor market, methods of communication and everyday life of successive generations, as well as socio-economic turbulences, require a systemic change from the transmission model, which is based mainly on the transfer of factual knowledge in chronological terms, to a problem-based approach. This model is focused on the development of in-depth problems and phenomena, and looks for interdependencies and design solutions. It also allows for development of key competences in the course of project and team work, as well as innovative and flexible ways of working with students. An important element of this process also seems to be global citizenship education, the aim of which is to build knowledge, values ​​and attitudes that enable understanding of the most important global problems, challenges and interdependencies.

Bearing in mind the above, the Parties undertake to develop cooperation to undertake joint initiatives, especially international ones, to cooperate in the implementation of projects and to test innovative forms of work that meet the contemporary needs of young people and the teaching community.


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