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WinART mentoring programme 2020 edition – JOIN US!

In 2018, we have started pursuing our own mentoring programme of ARTeria Foundation (and continued it in 2019), directed to female artists and female creatives – Women in ART (WinART).

The standby list of candidates is…long, that is why we are really happy we can continue this challenge this year!

Especially given that within this year’s edition we will try to expand the previous programme with elements associated with support of the participants’ career development on international markets! It is the result of, among others, ARTeria Foundation’s project ‘Global FemART – Supporting Female Artists and Creatives to Globalise their Business’, co-financed by the European Union’s programme Erasmus+.

More info about the project can be found here and here. Based on last year’s experience, previous participants and the programme’s evaluation after 2 years, this year we will focus on:

  • Inner motivation and self-discipline, as well as the development of planning, coordinating and effective organisation – including managing priorities connected with one’s own work, setting ambitious, but realistic, goals, managing the market, dealing with critique, developing the ability to overcome inconvenient circumstances and pursuing one’s goals despite obstacles (resilience)
  • Financial skills and abilities to create a business plan to the needs of one’s own business, including effective presentation and communication, as well as negotiations
  • Maintaining work-life balance and defining one’s own criteria of happiness
  • as well as PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS, STORYTELLING, DEVELOPING A PORTFOLIO, and developing cooperation with the audience

Discussions about social roles, stereotypes concerning women working in the cultural and creative sectors, barriers (i.e. the so-called glass ceiling) or mobbing will be an important part of our meetings.

Wenancjusz Ochmann has been the coordinator and the lead mentor of the programme since the beginning of its implementation.

Participation in the programme is free of charge.

The recruitment is based on filled out entry forms – we invite the interested people to contact the Foundation’s office via e-mail ( or directly in the Foundation’s main office.

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