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What connects support for active job searching with theater techniques? Who is the Creative Mentor for Employability?

We tried to answer these and other questions during the dissemination event as part of the Master The Act project (MtA).The meeting took place on February 17, 2023 in Pyskowice, at the hospitable premises of the Municipal Center for Culture and Sports. The agenda of the meeting was prepared in such a way as to present all of the results of the MtA project on the one hand, and on the other hand to enable participants to ask questions about issues related to broadly understood labor market support. During the discussion, the innovativeness of the project idea itself was emphasized – to combine artistic, theatrical and dramatic activities in the work of those who support the labor market. In addition, after the presentation of the materials created as part of the project, their diversity and wide scope was emphasized.

However, the greatest interest was aroused by the new professional profile – Creative Mentor for Employability. After presenting the description developed during the project and the scope of competences of this person, questions arose about the possibility of implementing this professional profile in the Polish labor market support system. Representatives of public employment services expressed concerns as to whether this is possible at all. People related to training services, especially from the private sector, were very enthusiastic about developing their professional competences and increasing the competitiveness of their services by becoming a Creative Mentor for Employability.

Another element of the meeting was the presentation of the e-learning platform of the project along with the resources it contains. The variety and usefulness of the materials it contains were again emphasized. However, some participants of the meeting expressed skepticism whether only access to the platform, without live training classes, would allow them to master such a wide range of material. Some of these doubts were dispelled by the presentation of the handbook that was created as part of the project. After the presentation of the project results and discussion, it was time for informal meetings and conversations over vegetarian refreshments.

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