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The second workshops under the Poets of Today – Voices of Tomorrow project

Module 2 of the “Poets of Today – Voices of Tomorrow” project, involving a meeting of 23 teachers with an artistic team, took place at the hospitable premises of the International Cultural Center in the Main Market Square in Krakow on March 4-5, 2023.. Discussions and exchange of experiences were facilitated by the panoramic room where the invited guests gathered.

The participants were welcomed on behalf of the International Cultural Center by Dr. Jan Burnatowski.

After the presentation of the activities of the ARTeria Foundation and the aims of the POT-VOT project by vice-president Wenancjusz Ochmann, the following speakers were presented: poet Małgorzata Lebda (leading poet of the Polish project team), playwright Weronika Murek and visual artist Rafał Siderski. There was time for Wenancjusz Ochmann, the moderator of the meeting, who was also the fourth member of the artistic team, who conducted voice emission workshops with the participants.

Teachers had the opportunity to listen to Małgorzata Lebda’s speech about her poetic experiences, Weronika Murek focused on showing poetry related to theater, and Rafał Siderski gave the opportunity to get acquainted with visual elements in the presentation of poetry related to photography.

In the second part of the workshop, representatives of schools from Silesia, including high schools, technical secondary schools, and even one primary school, public and private institutions, from larger and smaller towns, spoke about the challenges of working with poets and young people. They signalled their expectations related to Poetry Day in schools and presented ideas for the organization of a Poetry Event in the city space.

The Krakow meeting was declared very fruitful by all participants during the Sunday summary and the announcement of the next, 3rd module of the project was greeted enthusiastically.

The management team of the workshop was composed of: Anna Ochmann and Ewa Grynicka.


This project is co-founded by the European Union programme Creative Europe.

Photo report from the meeting. Photos: Mateusz Paszek.

Co-financed from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland

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