The first meeting with partners from project “BigTime Takeover”

On the 29th of June 2021 the first partnership’s meeting of the “BigTime Takeover” project has been organised. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the meeting was online.

All of the partnership’s organizations took part in the meeting: MateraHub (Italy) – project leader and Rinova (United Kingdom), HFC (Cyprus), Mulab (Italy), ARTeria Foundation (Poland) and MKC (the Republic of North Macedonia).

After the short presentations of each organization and the short introduction to the project we’ve focused on the first project’s job, which is to create a ‘Toolkit’ for Youth Arts Educators who support developing young people’s confidence and motivation through creative expression. Sara Simeone conducted a short presentation concerning the project’s realisation schedule and the most important phases.

The purpose of ‘BigTime Takeover’ is to empower young people to use their creativity and potential of technology in positive ways that give them a voice in issues that affect lives. The project was inspired by ‘takeover’ – the users dominate and monopolise the site they’re using to promote their own creative content. The result of the project will a digital platform basing exactly on the ‘takeover’ rule. People will be able to show and share their creative achievements. It will help them to develop confidence and digital competences that are needed on the job market and in adult life.

More info about the project soon.

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