The development of ARTeria’s mentoring programme, based on Swedish and Danish experiences

In November 2020, Anna Ochmann participated in an international seminar “Career Path II” at the invitation of FRSE, the National Agency of the Erasmus+ programme in Poland. The event’s goals focused on using online tools that were completely transformed due to the COVID-19 pandemic (more about the seminar here). During the presentations of good practices concerning career development using various types of supporting programmes, including mentoring ones pursued online, ARTeria established a cooperation with the University of Malmö (Sweden). On November 19th, 2020, Anna Ochmann and Wenancjusz Ochmann, who is responsible for and leads the mentoring programme at the ARTeria Foundation, met online with Karin Fälth (Career Adviser & Career Mentoring Program Manager), who is responsible for the mentoring programme directed towards creative professions at this university.

Moreover, the result of this meeting was a connection with Pia Prip Hansen (Executive Assistant Manager) at the KMP+ House of Mentoring from Denmark.

We hope that soon, when the pandemic restrictions allow it, we will be able to come back to continue our mentoring programme for artists and creatives, expanded with new, interesting elements.

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