The BtG’s project steering group meeting

Representatives of all partner organisations met on October 1st 2020, as part of another international meeting of the steering group of the „Bridging the Gap: new mentoring methods for young creative entrepreneurs in Europe” project. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was organised as an on-line conference. During the meeting organisational issues were discussed (i.e. connected with the planned training meeting in Matera) such as: management, popularisation and promotion, monitoring and evaluation, but the partners primarily focused on summarising the hitherto completed work of the research results. The ARTeria Foundation, as the leader of IO5, referred to the work range and the schedule of pursuing its results  – “User Experience Compendium for Creative Enterprise Mentors”.


“Bridging the Gap: new mentoring methods for young creative entrepreneurs in Europe” – is an intersectional strategic partnership, which concentrates on the development of educational priorities of professional training of teachers and mentors, with the particular emphasis on open and innovative education, digital education and modern methods of teaching. Important aspects of the project are also elements of educating young people in the field of entrepreneurship, and also counteracting their social exclusion. We work on the development of creative skills in the field of entrepreneurship (with partners from Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Slovakia and Spain) as an important and innovative solution for many young people, struggling with severe challenges associated with entering the labour market, as the result of the economical crisis of 2008. The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. We also invite you to the project’s site and its FB profile.

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