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Anna Ochmann took part in a webinar organised by the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA), titled “Remote Learning – How technology is empowering new forms of work-based learning” which took place on May 14th 2020.

Andrew McCoshan was the moderator of the meeting, the invitees included: Dana-Carmen Bachmann (Head of Unit, DG EMPL), Charlie James (European Apprentices Network), Barbara Ofstad (Head of Siemens Professional Education in Germany), Juliet Desmet and Joke Van Gheluwe (IMEC – Smart Education@Schools), Theresa Fleidl (Vice President of Professional Training Policy and Human Resource Cooperations at Munich Airport).

Apprenticeships and internships are one of the most important forms of work-based learning, also in the cultural and creative sectors. The situation of subjects that deal with education and professional training, associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, caused the necessity to reorganise the system of these methods of support, as well as the search for new, experimental and innovative forms of developing practical educational experiences. It also concerns tools of on-line communication and tools of remote learning, that can prove to be useful in this process. It is worth mentioning that developing digital and technical skills of students does not provide complex support, available only during real-life apprenticeship or internship’s conditions. Another issue is the universal accessibility of many of the above technologies of digital learning and online tools, such as Virtual Reality (VR), for students.

A series of issues associated with this was discussed during the meeting, its participants tried to find answers to the questions of how the education and professional training sector adjusts to the COVID-19 crisis, how to provide support for gaining a full range of skills while staying at home (using only on-line tools), what is the future of remote learning in education and professional training.

The ARTeria Foundation pursues a series of projects, co-financed by the European Union programme Erasmus+, associated with the support of cultural and creative sectors, also through internships and apprenticeships, primarily through Learn to Create – promoting Work-based Learning in Europe’s Cultural and Creative Industries (more about it here) and The Partnership for Creative Apprenticeships (more about it here).

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