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International conference “Importance of reading in the school system” in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Representatives of the ARTeria Foundation took part in a conference summarising the inaugural week of the Poets Of Today – Voices Of Tomorrow (POT VOT) which is co-funded by Creative Europe program of European Union.

The conference “Importance of reading in the school system” was organised on 11 November 2022 at the Pioneerski Dom in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During the first part, the invited guests had the opportunity to listen to inspirational and interesting speeches focusing on the essence of reading. Speakers from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana, in their lectures, focused on particular issues concerning reading among children and young people. During the speeches, a question was asked which both young people and adults could reflect on: “Is reading still a value in itself?”

These speeches by the representatives from Ljubljana were only an introduction to further explore the PTO-VOT project. After a short break, Professor Adriaan van der Weel, who had come to Ljubljana on a special invitation from Leiden University in Leiden, the Netherlands, gave his lecture entitled “I read, therefore I think”.

Photos by Črt Piksi.

The final event of the evening, was the performance of five poets, representing the five partner countries of the POT-VOT project : Anja Golob (Slovenia), Márton Simon (Hungary), Harri Hertell (Finland), Radmila Petrović (Serbia) and Małgorzata Lebda from Poland. Each of the poets presented their poetry in their native language, but an English translation was also displayed at the same time.

Matgorzata Lebda is an author of six volumes of poetry including her books Matecznik(Gueen Cells awarded a Scholarship at Stanisław Barańczak) and Sny uckermarkerów(Uckermarker Dreams awarded  at Gdynia Literary Prize). Her last poetry book Mer de Glace won “Wisława Szymborska Award” and it has been nominated (shortlisted) for the poetry award „Silesius Literary Award”. Her books have been translated into Serbian, Italian, Ukrainian, Czech and Slovenian.

Both artistis and managemental teams took part in the conference, including artists for Poland: Małgorzata Lebda, Weronika Murek, rafał Siderski and Wenancjusz Ochmann, and representatives of ARTeria: Anna Ochmann, Ewa Grynicka and Julia Stachura.

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