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Go with us for inspirational tour with DiOtherCity!

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For years, people tended to travel to  the centers of large cities, which provided a certain amount of prestige. Today we can see a clear escape of people from the centers of large cities directly to the outskirts, to the periphery. But, how do we  find, name and give attractiveness to the outskirts of cities? Where to draw inspiration for offbeat journeys away from those promoted by all guidebooks, away from the “mainstream”? 

The #DiOtherCity project aims to create an open opportunity to experience this type of travel by designing a learning program for professionals from the cultural and creative industries and locals who will design and conduct unusual urban tours using digital tools.

So, let’s join us and learn more about four tour which has been already developed under the project!

1. Find a Polish eagle in Dresden!

The silence of one Monday morning in November 2019 in the halls of Grünes Gewölbe placed in the castel in Dresden was interrupted by the sound of a glass case breaking. The glass – under the influence of the blows of the ax – shatters into millions of pieces….

Grünes Gewölbe is one of the richest jewellery museums in Europe, exhibiting the famous collection of jewels that is considered one of the most valuable in Europe, originating from the times of the Saxon elector and Polish king August II the Strong!

The history of these jewels begins on June 17, 1696, in Wilanów, when Polish King Jan III Sobieski dies, and preparations for the next election begin in Poland. As a result of stormy deliberations in the fields near Warsaw, on June 27, 1697, a double election takes place – a part of assembled nobility nominates Prince Conti from France as a new king of Poland, and another part – the Saxon candidate Frederick Augustus.

Frederick August arrives in Poland very fast; he renews his Catholic profession of faith in the sanctuary in Piekary Śląskie, on July 31 he solemnly enters Krakow, and on September 15 he is crowned as a king in the Wawel Cathedral, taking the name of August II.

But back to the Monday in November 2019…. The thieves have stolen, among other items, the most famous Polish decoration – the Order of the White Eagle, the oldest and highest state decoration of the Republic of Poland, awarded for outstanding civil and military merits, both in peacetime and in wartime. The decoration is awarded to the most outstanding Poles and the highest-ranking representatives of foreign countries. This is the oldest Polish decoration established by August II – the star and the eagle on the jewel of the order sparkle with diamonds, and the contour of the Maltese cross is outlined with a row of rubies. In the centre of the eight-pointed star there is a 20-carat diamond….

And here we start our historic challenge…. Find the Polish eagle in Dresden. As an element of architecture, a coat of arms, an artifact, but also a figure associated with Poland….

To learn more:


2. Take you dog for a walk in Dresden

Dresden is a city that can be a very good destination for dog owners and their dogs! Dogs are really welcome here. Kilometres of Elbe meadows, green parks and yards invite you to explore (and smell) them. Did you know that in the state capital of Saxony, Dresden, there are currently around 12,500 dogs registered! In general, Dresden is considered a very dog-friendly city, here you will find many opportunities to let your dog run without a leash.

There are also many dog-friendly historic spots where you can immerse yourself in the history of the city with your four-legged friend or simply explore the trendy districts!

To learn more: (available in Polish and German)


3. Tour of historical religious sites in the village of Orla in the Podlasie

Join Julia – a lover of Podlasie who gave her knowledge, photos and own reflections to future visitors in the Actionbound app. Enjoy this magic time!

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4. The most popular old cemeteries in Zabrze city

Join Julia – resident of Zabrze, young  student interested in sepulchral art, expert in cemetery and funerary art.  Her favourite director is Tim Burton – a lover of cemeteries and grave fonts. Discover the most interesting cemeteries in Zabrze and listen a dedicated playlist for the duration of the tour to evoke special emotions in your soul!

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