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Gender Equality in European Culture Conference with ARTeria

Anna Ochmann, the chairwoman of the ARTeria Foundation, participated in an international conference entitled “Gender Equality in European Culture”, which was organised by the German Cultural Council as part of the German presidency in the Council of the European Union.

The direct inspiration to raise this subject were the conclusions of the Council of the European Union concerning “gender equality in culture”, which were adopted on December 1st, 2020. The conference in itself was meant to be an opportunity to continue the discussion on this topic, featuring an international audience. The conference aimed to include and educate on the conclusion the people working on introducing resources and actions in favour of gender equality in cultural and civil institutions. During the event, a broad range of initiatives and projects of the member states of the EU were presented, representing various artistic genres.

The conference was held on December 8th, 2020, with participants including prof. Monika Grütters (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media), Graça Fonseca (Minister of Culture, Portugal), Mariya Gabriel (EU Commissioner for IRCE&Y), prof. dr. Susanne Keuchel (President of the German Arts Council), Renate Punka (Janis Roze Publishers, President of Latvian Publishers Association), Anna Serner (Swedish Film Institute), prof. Helmut Anheier (President Hertie School of Governance) and Carlien Scheele (Director of the European Institute for Gender Equality).

Workshops were also organised, besides discussion panels, entitled: “Political developments & impulses in various countries”, “Effects on & aspirations for national women’s networks” and “Best-practice examples from different EU countries and cultural sectors”.

The ARTeria Foundation has been pursuing projects and actions associated with gender equality in the cultural and creative sectors for many years, through i.e. Global FemART (more about it here), or Anna Ochmann’s, the chairwoman of the ARTeria Foundation, participation in the Voices of Culture expert panel, dedicated to this subject (more about it here).

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