Explore the world’s exhibitions at your own home!

Even though COVID-19’s impact on traveling has lessened now, it is still difficult to visit places that are located on the other side of the planet. Unfortunately, there are many things to remember while planning a trip abroad. Is there any better opportunity to explore the art of different countries and cities without leaving your home?

How to access the content?

There are many possibilities to access such content online. On some sites, there are maps of the whole world that display the number of exhibitions in each region that are ready to be viewed. Therefore, you can see artworks from your own place of residence or from a completely different country! Sometimes there is also a ‘surprise me’ option, which shows you a randomised exhibition. You can get to know the artists’ stories, as well as the stories behind a given work.

Explore your favourite cities in a different way!

Many of us have our favourite cities, which we have visited at least once. Most often, the standard itineraries are used during sightseeing trips, which include well-known landmarks or spots in a given area. They usually limit the experience to the tourist-favourite locations, additionally labeled ‘must see’. There is nothing wrong with such excursions, however, some visitors are hungry for more. That is why this is a great opportunity to investigate other interesting spots on your own, without leaving your home. It is also a chance to get to know the culture of the area, as well as its people. After all, exhibitions, graffiti, and street art are all forms of expressing yourself and showing the world what you represent.

More ideas for your next trip? Check them online first!

Maybe you have visited the said location already, maybe it is only on your bucket list. It does not really matter, as with these tools you can feel as if you were there! Street art can be exhibited in some intriguing places that would motivate you to explore more. On the other hand, it can be placed in…completely random spots, located in the outskirts of a given city! It could also inspire you to explore its neighbourhood or discover places you have never seen before.

Your own area is also worth exploring!

While we have mainly talked about tourist-heavy destinations, that intrigue people all around the world and are excellent opportunities for discovering local artists and their works, your own area is not inferior. You can go on an online trip in your own region, and maybe get to know places you have not had a chance to visit before! Local artists deserve as much recognition as their foreign colleagues, and who knows, maybe one day you would get to know one of them!

All in all, online activities got their second chance during the pandemic. And rightfully so, as they offer a lot and only require a mobile device and internet access. The worst time of the COVID-19 crisis has passed, but hopefully, such online tools will stay with us for longer.

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