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Creating Alternative City Tours – training in Poland with #DiOtherCity!

The DiOtherCity project aims to offer new opportunities for professionals in the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) to improve their digital skills and create their own alternative city tours by focusing on the unique aspects of cities, particularly their peripheries.

From 11-15 July 2022, the project welcomed 8 young professionals in the CCIs to a 5-day training in Gliwice, Poland organized by ARTeria Foundation that allowed participants not only to learn how to create an alternative urban tour, but also how to put this knowledge into practice. Participants discovered in-depth information about the research and ideation processes, the importance of storytelling and gamification as tools for engaging their audiences, new ways to use over 25 digital tools, and how to improve their entrepreneurial competencies to create sustainable and inclusive social enterprises.

Participants also attended two alternative tours to get inspired: a guided tour – with Barbara Palewicz-Ryży – explaining Gliwice’s past and present through its buildings and local stories, and a visit to a coal mine in Zabrze to explore the region’s industrial heritage.

At the end of the week, participants teamed up to create two collaborative tours of their own: Scratch Gliwice, which asks attendees to create scratchings of important monuments and sites to explore the city’s history in a hands-on way, and Cluewice, a treasure hunt that allows tour attendees to discover the city’s history, architecture and gastronomy through a variety of digital media, including a podcast, an ActionBound tour, and an Instagram account.

In the coming months, participants will create their own individual tours based in the peripheries of their home cities, which will be shared along with the full course materials on the Making Projects OER.

To learn more about the #DiOtherCity project, its partners, and its next steps, check out website at:

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