Care – Solidarity – Hospitality. Disorderly Women meeting

Anna Ochmann participated in an on-line meeting, organised by a non-formal network “Disorderly Women” on Monday, July 13th 2020.  It unites female leaders of the European cultural sector, which Anna Ochmann is a member of. An article by Chrissie Tiller (one of the founders of the network) was an inspiration for the meeting’s subject. It was based on a series of interviews with female scientists. They shared their experiences and thoughts about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their jobs, and how it coerced them to focus on caring for their close ones:

„In a world where care has become something commoditised, privatised or turned into a profit-making exercise, the framing of these artists’ responses made me think hard about the parallels between the ways we have come to think about care and the way we often think about the arts.”
The whole article is available here.

In turn, the introduction to the discussion was prepared and presented by professor Milena Dragićević-Šešić, the chief of the UNESCO Chair for Multicultural Studies, Managing Culture and Arts and Mediation in the Balkans, she is also active at the University of Arts in Belgrade. Her research focused on cultural studies and cultural politics. She is a lecturer at many European universities, she has been strongly associated with many social and anti-war movements for years, especially on former Yugoslavia territories. Professor Milena Dragićević-Šešić, based on an example of a sculpture entitled “Eternal Immigrant” discussed the perception of solidarity, care and hospitality in modern times.

The next meeting of the network, in an “in-person” formula, is scheduled for the end of November 2020 in Berlin.

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