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ARTerioinspiracje in January – once again about audience development

The ARTeria Foundation has been functioning since 2006 (it will be our 15th birthday soon!), since the beginning we have been trying to answer people associated with the cultural and creative sectors’ needs, but we have also been organising events of many types, workshops and concerts. Even though our area of expertise is pursuing projects based on international cooperation, we also implement actions of local and regional nature. Moving our main office in 2015 – from the centre of Zabrze to the city’s outskirts (KURORT QULTURY, Gajowa 9), has proven how surprising shifting an office can be. The commute is easier, there are more parking spaces and better access to a multifunctional concert-workshop room (and more actions as a result of it). The new localisation of the office has attracted a bigger audience than our previous activity in the centre of the city (and we thought it would be the opposite, the centre is a dream localisation for an office). It required a change in our approach of promoting and informing about the events organised by ARTeria…

The organisations that are associated in our network of ‘Silesian Cultural NGOs’ struggle with similar issues on a daily basis. That is why from time to time, during our ARTerioinspiracje (ARTeria inspirations) debates or workshops, the topic of audience development or audience engagement makes a return.

During one of our meetings within ARTerioinspiracje, organised on January 14th 2020, we came back to the subject of audience development. The meeting was conducted by Wenancjusz Ochmann. We discussed obtaining new receivers of cultural activities and maintaining the interest of the previous ones. We have got to the conclusion that it is a challenge requiring both creativity and systemic and consequent action. The starting point of dealing with these difficulties is getting to know our potential and current recipients (that is why we often ask you to fill in short evaluation questionnaires after our meetings, we are also grateful for each contribution and comment). Another step to remember about is considering and designing methods of reaching out to them and making them interested in what we offer, including defining the best methods and communication channels.

The participants of the meeting discussed the concept of audience development in itself, about understanding the place and roles of the audience in the activity of their organisations, and how important it is to analyse the potential of their own organisation based on that (the plan of audience development or evaluation of events on the grounds of this). They also shared their own tested methods and ways of engaging the audience.

The next meeting is scheduled for February – join us!

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