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ARTerioinspiracje (ARTeria Inspirations) in February – how to develop a musical ecosystem in our cities?

We met on February 12th 2020 at the next meeting as part of ARTerioinspiracje (ARTeria Inspirations) The inspiration for the discussion about the role of music and cultural infrastructure in the creation of a inhabitant-friendly city was the report elaborated by Sound Diplomacy “THIS MUST BE A PLACE. The role of music and cultural infrastructure in creating better future cities for all of us”, published in September 2019 (available to download here).

Wenancjusz Ochmann prepared a short presentation, in which he presented the rich musical heritage of cities of the agglomeration (from miners’ a cappella songs, blues, the beginnings of jazz, hip-hop to electronic music, metal and alternative) and centuries-old traditions of musical education in Silesia. The questions that were asked as an introduction to discussion were: how to make it possible for cities to develop a sane musical ecosystem, based on these traditions, heritage and the community’s needs? How to allow artists to evolve professionally, and to make the cultural politics of cities friendly towards music, musicians and the recipients (of the engaged audience in the broad sense)?

The participants of our meeting came up with numerous ideas, discussed many current initiatives, and made a critique of many aspects of functioning cultural politics in cities of the agglomeration. We debated the necessity to support entrepreneurial (business) competences of artists (the educational system), about the unclear rules of supporting cultural initiatives (festivals, initiatives like ‘summer with music’) with the public funds (public/hidden labour market), about the lack of support for artists in obtaining international markets (a lack of contacts), about the necessity of systematic support of artists in promotional activities outside of Poland.

Anna Ochmann presented activities planned as part of the “Learn to Create – promoting Work-based Learning in Europe’s Cultural and Creative Industries” (more about it here) and invited to join the project actions. She also referred to another project, which aims to support female artists in internationalising their work – “Global FemART – Supporting Female Artists and Creatives to Globalise their Business” (more about it here), inviting them to join the test phase of the Global FemART Academy platform.

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