ARTeria at the SECTOR 3.0 festival – Driving Change

The ninth festival organised by Sector 3.0 was held on September 16th 2020. It took place on-line and its title was “Driving Change”. More than 50 experts from Poland and other parts of the world (i.e. USA, Singapur, Great Britain or Israel, but primarily Polish representatives of social organisations, universities, startups, technological companies, media and public administration) participated in the event. Inspiring presentations, seminars and panel discussions gathered a huge audience. The festival’s idea was to spark discussion about digital competences crucial to the new daily life, and the search for effective technologies to use in social activities in the constantly changing world. 

Representatives of the ARTeria Foundation also participated in this event.

World economies’ transformations, changes on the labour market and primarily the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, clearly demonstrated how dynamic changes govern the current reality, creating new challenges for us to overcome. That is why during the festival the following themes were discussed: critical thinking and content analysis, technological leadership, new models of education 2.0, balanced development, the role of artificial intelligence or data safety.

The Sector 3.0 festival has been the biggest event of Central-Eastern Europe for a few years already, it demonstrates how to translate technological trends to the language of social usage. More about the event here.

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