A meeting summarizing the “Bridging the Gap_ new mentoring methods for young creative entrepreneurs in Europe” project’s implementation.

A meeting summarizing the “Bridging the Gap: new mentoring methods for young creative entrepreneurs in Europe” project’s implementation will take place on November 27th, 2021, at 4 PM at Ośrodek Działań Artystycznych MOK (address: Park Hutniczy 11 street, Zabrze).

The agenda includes, among others, musical performances (by Oliwia Pilichowska and Dawid Knapik), a fragment of a theatre play “Oddech” (“Breath”) by Teatr Nieoetykietkowani (Agata Chodyra, Xymena Górka, Wiktoria Frąckowiak, Julia Krzywicka, Michał Łukasik, Arkadiusz Nadarzewski, Mateusz Wicher , Adam Wojciechowski), directed by Małgorzata Baryła with choreography by Wiktoria Frąckowiak.

There will also be an expert panel entitled “The role of a mentor in artistic and professional development of young artists” with Katarzyna Kupiec (mentoring in vocal education. preparation for stage performances), Małgorzata Baryła (Theatre experience as an important factor in development), and Wenancjusz Ochmann (The development of entrepreneurial competencies for young artists).

We will also present the outputs created as part of the project: professional profile and competence standards for mentors in the cultural and creative industries, European curriculum, as well as the results of mentor training in the creative industry, “Network roadmap” for creative international communication, the curriculum, UX Compendium, the platform, and a Mentor Guide.

More about the project: https://www.bridgingthegapeurope.com/

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